Create Firefox Account when Installing Mozilla Firefox 50.1


Should I create a Firefox account after installing Mozilla Firefox 50.1?



When you run Mozilla Firefox 50.1 for the first time after the installation, you will see the "Create a Firefox Account" Web page with the following input form:

Almost done! - Get your passwords, bookmarks and history on the go.

Create a Firefox Account
Email:    ______________
Password: ______________

If you fill in the form, Firefox will create an online account for you to keep your bookmars and browsing history at the Firefox online, so it can be shared if you use Firefox on another computer or device.

So do not fill in the form, if you are concerned with your privacy.

The Mozilla Firefox 50.1 Create Account page form is listed below:

Mozilla Firefox 50.1 Installation - Create Account
Mozilla Firefox 50.1 Installation - Create Account


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