Offline Duration of Fitbit Device


How long my Fitbit device can stay offline without sync?



A daily sync is recommended but not required. All Fitbit trackers can record detailed minute-by-minute data for seven days, so if you're able to sync weekly your complete minute-by-minute-data will be available. For trackers that monitor heart rate, heart rate data is stored at one-second intervals during run or exercise tracking and at five-second intervals at all other times. Daily totals are stored for 30 days, so if you're only able to sync monthly you can still see your daily totals on your dashboard.

Fitbit Surge can store a maximum of 35 hours of GPS data. If you try to track more than 35 hours worth of GPS data without syncing, older data will be deleted to make room for new data. To ensure that all your GPS data is saved, sync your Surge regularly.


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