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How to add Network Equipment Gallery to OpenOffice?



"VRT Network Equipment" is an OpenOffice extension that adds network equipment image gallery. "VRT Network Equipment" is provided by VRT Systems. You can follow this tutorial to install it.

1. Go to

2. Scroll down and download the 1.1.1 version. 1.2.0 version may have compatibility issues. Save the extension package file, vrtnetworkequipment_1.2.0-oo.oxt.

3. Run OpenOffice and click "Tools > Extension Manager" to open the Extension Manager.

4. Click "Add" and select the download file "vrtnetworkequipment_1.2.0-oo.oxt".

5. Open a new Draw file to try some network images.

6. Click "Tools > Gallery > VRT Network and Communications".

7. Drag a router to your drawing page.

The picture below shows you the "VRT Network and Communications" gallery used to draw a home network diagram.

OpenOffice Extension - Image Gallery
OpenOffice Extension - Image Gallery


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