Clone Phone Number Field Type


How to Clone Phone Number Field Type?



If you want to clone the Phone Number field type, you can follow this tutorial.

1. Login as Admin to Form Tools and go to "Modules > Custom Fields". You should see a list of existing field types.

2. Click "Add Field Type" in the "Special Fields" group. You should see the "Add Field Type" dialog box.

3. Enter the following settings:

Field Name: Nulti Value
Field Type Identifier: multi_value
Base field type on: Phone Number

4. Click "Add Field Type" to continue. You should see detailed definitions of the new field type.

5. Click "Displaying" tab. You should see 4 tab of settings to control how this field will be displayed on the UI: View Field, Edit Field, CSS, JavaScript.

6. Click "Saving" tab. You should see smarty code that controls how the field value will be saved into database.

7. Click "Validation" tab. You should see a list of validation rules to be applied when saving field value to database.

8. Click "Settings" tab. You should see a list of settings as display format options.

9. Click "Update".

A new field type is defined now. It will behave the same way as "Phone Number".


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