Add New Export Group and Type


How to Add New Export Group and Type?



If you want to control how form submissions are exported to print or download for reporting purpose, you can add a new export group and a new export type as shown in this tutorial.

1. Click "Module" in the menu and select "Export Manager". You should see a list of export groups.

2. Click "Add Export Group" and name it as "My Export". You should see the export group definition page.

3. Select "Display in popup": Height 600px, Width 800px.

4. Select "HTML" as content type.

5. Enter "{$export_type_smarty_template}" as Smarty Template. This tells Form Tools to display the export type directly, since there is only 1 export type in this group.

6. On the "Export Types" tab, click "Add Export Type".

7. Enter the following smarty template:

 <style type="text/css">

<h1>{$form_name} - {$view_name}</h1>

<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%" class="print_table">
 {foreach from=$display_fields item=column}
 <th class="{$column.field_name}">{$column.field_title}</th>
{foreach from=$submissions item=submission}
 {assign var=submission_id value=$submission.submission_id}
 {foreach from=$display_fields item=field_info}
  {assign var=col_name value=$field_info.col_name}
  {assign var=value value=$submission.$col_name}
  {smart_display_field form_id=$form_id view_id=$view_id
   field_info=$field_info field_types=$field_types
   settings=$settings value=$value}


As you can see, we have full control of how the export page looks like by modify the CSS settings.

For more information on smarty templates, visit smarty Website at


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