Unknown requirement flag in validate_fields(): function


Why am I getting this "Unknown requirement flag in validate_fields(): function" error?

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If you are adding a new custom validation rule on a field type using a JavaScript function, users may get the "Unknown requirement flag in validate_fields(): function" error, even their entered value passed the JavaScript validation function.

This is because the "Is this a required field?" flag is set to "No" on the validation rule. This flag is very misleading as of version Form Tools 3.0.20. Its description says: "If this is set to yes, any time this validation rule is applied to a field, an asterix will appear next to it, to indicate the field must be entered."

This flag has nothing to do with "Field value is required". It actually should automatically turned on with all validations that use custom JavaScript validation functions.

If this flag is turned off to "No", the Form Tools server-side validation engine will the word "function" from validation rule type and try to call its associated validation logic in the PHP function validate_fields() on the server side. Of course, there is no PHP code defined on the server-side to perform your custom validate rule, which results the above error.

So go back the validation rule definition page and turn the "Is this a required field?" flag on the "Yes" to avoid the error.

By the way, the "Is this a required field?" is mapped to the custom_function_required column on the ft_field_type_validation_rules table, which suggests that the flag should labeld as "Custom Function Required".


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