Default Test with SQLIO


What is the default SQLIO test doing?



If you run the "sqlio" command without any options, you are running the SQLIO default test, which is equivalent to:

C:\fyicenter\SQLIO>sqlio -kR -t1 -s30 -f64 -b2 -i64 -BN testfile.dat

Let's try it out:


sqlio v1.5.SG
1 thread reading for 30 secs from file testfile.dat
        using 2KB IOs over 128KB stripes with 64 IOs per run
size of file testfile.dat needs to be: 8388608 bytes
current file size:      0 bytes
need to expand by:      8388608 bytes
expanding testfile.dat ... done.
initialization done
throughput metrics:
IOs/sec:  2995.43
MBs/sec:     5.85

C:\fyicenter\SQLIO>dir testfile.dat
         8,388,608 testfile.dat

As you can see, the tool created a test data file, testfile.dat, of 8388608 bytes, in the current directory, C:\fyicenter\SQLIO. Then it performed a single thread reading test on this data file. The result is about 3000 IO blocks per second and 6 MB of data per second.


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