SQLIO Command Line Options


What are the command options supported by Microsoft SQLIO?

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To see all command options of Microsoft SQLIO, you can ran the "sqlio -?" command:

C:\>cd \fyicenter\SQLIO

C:\fyicenter\SQLIO>sqlio -?
sqlio v1.5.SG
-?: invalid option
Usage: sqlio [options] [<filename>...]
        [options] may include any of the following:
        -k<R|W>                 kind of IO (R=reads, W=writes)
        -t<threads>             number of threads
        -s<secs>                number of seconds to run
        -d<drv_A><drv_B>..      use same filename on each drive letter given
        -R<drv_A/0>,<drv_B/1>.. raw drive letters/number for I/O
        -f<stripe factor>       stripe size in blocks, random, or sequential
        -p[I]<cpu affinity>     cpu number for affinity (0 based)(I=ideal)
        -a[R[I]]<cpu mask>      cpu mask for (R=roundrobin (I=ideal)) affinity
        -o<#outstanding>        depth to use for completion routines
        -b<io size(KB)>         IO block size in KB
        -i<#IOs/run>            number of IOs per IO run
        -m<[C|S]><#sub-blks>    do multi blk IO (C=copy, S=scatter/gather)
        -L<[S|P][i|]>           latencies from (S=system, P=processor) timer
        -B<[N|Y|H|S]>           set buffering (N=none, Y=all, H=hdwr, S=sfwr)
        -S<#blocks>             start I/Os #blocks into file
        -v1.1.1                 I/Os runs use same blocks, as in version 1.1.1
        -F<paramfile>           read parameters from <paramfile>
        -kR -t1 -s30 -f64 -b2 -i64 -BN testfile.dat
        -t (threads):                   256
        no. of files, includes -d & -R: 256
        filename length:                256


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