1851 United States - Old Folks at Home


"Old Folks at Home" ("Swanee River", "Swanee Ribber", or "Suwannee River") is a minstrel song written by Stephen Foster in 1851. Since 1935 it has been the official state song of Florida, although in 2008 the original lyrics were expurgated.

STEPHEN FOSTER'S - OLD FOLKS AT HOME - 1851 - Performed by Tom Roush:

English lyrics:

Way down upon de Swanee Ribber,
 Far, far away,
 Dere's wha my heart is turning ebber,
 Dere's wha de old folks stay.

All up and down de whole creation
 Sadly I roam,
 Still longing for de old plantation,
 And for de old folks at home.
All de world am sad and dreary,
 Eb-rywhere I roam;
 Oh, darkeys, how my heart grows weary,
 Far from de old folks at home!

All round de little farm I wandered
 When I was young,
 Den many happy days I squandered,
 Many de songs I sung.
 When I was playing wid my brudder
 Happy was I;
 Oh, take me to my kind old mudder!
 Dere let me live and die.

One little hut among de bushes,
 One dat I love
 Still sadly to my memory rushes,
 No matter where I rove.
 When will I see de bees a-humming
 All round de comb?
 When will I hear de banjo strumming,
 Down in my good old home? 


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