System Center Endpoint Protection Blocks FileZilla Download


Why is my FileZilla download getting deleted by System Center Endpoint Protection?



If you are running System Center Endpoint Protection as the antivirus program on your Windows system, the FileZilla client download file like FileZilla_3.37.4_win64-setup_bundled.exe will be deleted. Because it thinks that the downloaded file contains an "Unwanted Software".

You can follow these steps to see the more details:

1. Run "System Center Endpoint Protection".

2. Go to "History" tab.

3. Select to open "All deleted items". You a detected item called "PUA:Win32/FusionCore".

4. Read the detailed description:

PUA:Win32/FusionCore, Severe, Action taken: Remove

Category: Potentially Unwanted Software

Description: This program has potentially unwanted behavior.

Recommended action: Remove this software immediately.

Items: file: C:\downloads\FileZilla_3.37.4_win64-setup_bundled.exe->(nsis-6-)

You can delete it and stop uisng FileZilla.

You can allow it and trust FileZilla.

FileZilla Blocked by System Center Endpoint Protection
FileZilla Blocked by System Center Endpoint Protection


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