What Is Microsoft Word Online App


What Is Microsoft Word Online app?

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Microsoft Word Online app is Web applications that allows to create and edit Word documents in a Web browser.

Main features of Word Online:

  • Create and edit great-looking resumes, newsletters, and documents, and invite others to review and co-author in real time.
  • Save time with free templates, including formatting tools for MLA, APA, and Chicago style requirements.
  • Add functionality with free Office add-ins—like the Wikipedia add-in for quick and easy online research as you write.
  • Free to use. Just sign up for a Microsoft Office 365 account. You can create and edit Word document online with 5 GB storage.

The picture below shows an example screen of Microsoft Word Online editing a Word document in a browser:

Office 365 Word Online App Screen
Office 365 Word Online App Screen


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Edit Word Document Online or Offline

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