Manage Flash Player 25 Plugin on Mozilla Firefox


How to manage Flash Player 25 plugin for Mozilla Firefox 51 on my Windows 7 computer? I have installed Flash Player 25 plugin manually and want to see and manage the plugin in Mozilla Firefox.



If you have installed the Flash Player 25 plugin, you can follow these steps to see and manage it in Mozilla Firefox 51:

1. Run Mozilla Firefox 51 and enter about:addons. You see Firefox addon screen showing up.

2. Click "Plugins" in the menu on the left. You see a list on plugins showing up.

3. Locate the "Shockwave Flash" plugin, which is another name for the Flash Player plugin.

4. Click "More" to see details of the Flash Player plugin. It tells you that it will support two types of web files: application/x-shockwave-flash (Adobe Flash movie: swf) and application/futuresplash (FutureSplash movie: spl).

5. Click to open the status options. You can select one to control the Flash Player plugin:

Ask to Active - Flash Player will be turned on when needed and confirmed by you
Always Active - Flash Player will be turned on automatically
Never Active - Flash player will be turned off

Manage Adobe Flash Player 25 Plugin for Firefox


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