Enable Flash Player in Google Chrome 56 on Windows 7


How to enable Flash Player on Google Chrome 56 on my Windows 7 computer? I want to use to visit Websites that requires Flash Player to play games.

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Google Chrome 56 comes with Adobe Flash player included as a plugin by default. But it is disabled by default. you can follow these steps to enable the Flash Player plugin on Google Chrome 56:

1. Run Google Chrome type chrome://plugins in the address box. You see a list of plugins showing up.

2. Locate "Adobe Flash Player - Version" plugin.

3. Check the "Always allowed to run" checkbox.

4. Close and restart Chrome.

5. Go to the Adobe Flash Player test page: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/. You should see the Flash Player plugin version number.

Now you are ready to go to your Website to play games.

Adobe Flash Player plugin turn on and off flag on Google Chrome 56:
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