Download Adobe Flash Player 25 for Mozilla Firefox


How to download Flash Player 25 for Mozilla Firefox 51 on my Windows 7 computer?



Mozilla Firefox 51 does not come with Flash Player included. You need to follow these steps to download Flash Player and install it yourself:

1. Run Mozilla Firefox and go to the Adobe Flash Player download page: You see "Adobe Flash Player Version" listed for download and install.

2. Uncheck optional offer checkboxes:

[ ] Yes, Yes, install the free McAfee Security Scan Plus utility to check the 
status of my PC security. It will not modify existing antivirus program or PC 

[ ] Yes, install True Key™ by Intel Security to say goodbye to the hassle of 

3. Click the "Install now" button. You see a dialog box showing up with a download file called: flashplayer25_ka_install.exe.

4. Save the download file to C:\fyicenter\flashplayer25_ka_install.exe.

You are ready to install Adobe Flash Player 25.

Download Adobe Flash Player 25 for Firefox


Flash Player for Mozilla Firefox

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