Actiontec GT784WNV - DSL Modem for Verizon


What are main features on Actiontec DSL modem GT784WNV?



Actiontec GT784WNV is a Wireless DSL Modem Router certified for Verizon DSL. Actiontec GT784WNV integrates a DSL modem, wireless N networking, and full routing capability in one box.

Main features of Actiontec GT784WNV are:

  • ADSL2+ Support - The GT784WNV supports ADSL2+ with speeds up to 24 Mbps downstream to support IPTV services.
  • 802.11n Wireless - The GT784WNV supports 802.11n out of the box (as well as older wireless protocols). With blazing fast wireless N speeds, you can do more faster. And backwards compatibility with 802.11b devices gives you the flexibility you need to connect all your wireless devices.
  • Auto Detect Wizard - The GT784WNV has a built-in AutoDetect Wizard to eliminate the hassles of confusing installation CDs, or poster sized install guides. Users simply connect the modem, open their web browser, and click auto-detect. The modem handles the rest. Subscribers just have to know their username and password.
  • Security - The GT784WNV supports the latest in wireless security, so you don't have to worry about hackers, snoopers, or other security threats. The router offers enterprise-level security, including a fully customizable firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection, denial of service protection, content filtering, and intrusion detection. WPA/WPA2 and WEP wireless encryption keep unwanted visitors from accessing the home network.

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