Creating an Email Folder in .pst File in Outlook 2007


How can I create an email folder in a Personal Folders File (.pst) to store email messages. in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007?



Creating an email folder in a Personal Folders File (.pst) Outlook 2007 can be done in 4 steps:

1. Run Outlook and open the personal folders file. A new entry shows up in the "Mail Folders" section with the internal name of the personal folders file.

2. Click on new entry name, for example "Purchase Orders". And click "File > Folder > New Folder..." in the menu. The "Create New Folder" dialog box shows up.

3. Enters a name for the folder, like "PO_2010". Make sure that "Mail and Post Items" is selected in the "Folder contains" field as shown in the picture below:
Add New Email Folder in Outlook 2007

4. Click "OK". A new email folder is created in the Personal Folders File entry.


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