Setting up Default Signatures in Outlook 2007


I have created two signatures called Long Signature and Short Signature. How can I set them up as default signatures for different types of outgoing messages in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007?



Setting default signatures in Outlook 2007 can be done in 4 steps:

1. Run Outlook and open a new message window.

2. Click the signature icon on the new message window and select the "Signatures..." command. The "Signature and Stationery" dialog box shows up.

3. Click the "E-mail Signature" tab and go to the "Choose default signature" section on the right hand side.

4. Select "Long Signature" for "New messages" and "Short Signature" for "Replies/forwards". Click "OK" to save changes as shown in the picture below:

Setup Default Signature in Outlook 2007
Setup Default Signature in Outlook 2007


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