Displaying Outlook 2010 Calendar Items in Tabular View


How to display Outlook 2010 calendar items in a tabular view? I want to see my meeting invites like a list of emails.

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By default, Outlook displays your calendar items in a calendar view, which is nice for you to know how many meetings you have to today. But it is hard to sort or filter meetings by organizer, subject, or location.

You can display you calendar items in a tabular view which will give the sorting and filtering functions:

1. Click "Calendar" in the navigation pane on the left side. Your calendar items are displayed in a calendar view by week or by month.

2. Click "View > Change View > List" in the menu. Output displays your calendar items in a tabular view. The "List" option displays all calendar items including both current active items and past items.

See the picture below for the Outlook calendar Change View menu options:
Output 2010 Calendar Tabular View


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