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What Is FTP URL for FTP resource?

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An FTP URL is a special URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that can be used as an address to locate a specific file or folder provided by an FTP server.

For example, the following FTP URL is an address of the RFC 959 specification file provided on the FTP server, ftp.funet.fi.


According to the specification of URL formats, RFC 1738, an FTP URL is of the form:


   user - The user name used to access the FTP server.
   password - The password of the user name.
   domain-name - The domain name (or IP address) of the FTP server. 
   port - The port number(default is 21) for the control connection.
   path - The pathname where to reach the resource on the FTP server.
   name - The name of the resource.
   type=a|i|d - The resource type indicator.
      a - ASCII file
      i - Binary file
      d - Directory

Using this format, we can easily break the following FTP URL into multiple components:


   user - donald
   password - trump
   domain-name - localhost
   part - 21 
   path - docs
   name - Getting-Started.pdf
   type=i - Binary file


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