What Is FTP Command-Line Tool on Windows?


What Is FTP command-line tool on Windows?

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The FTP command-line tool on Windows is FTP client tool that allows to connect to a FTP server and transfer files.

Main features of the FTP command tool on Windows:

  • Free and available to all Windows systems.
  • Can be used interactively.
  • Can be used in batch mode.
  • Supports data connection in active mode only.
  • Supports a debug mode.
  • Supports multiple file transfers using wildcard characters in file names.
  • supports the use of IPv6.

Limitations of the FTP command tool on Windows:

  • It can only connect to FTP servers that are using port 21. There is no way specify a different port for the server.
  • It only supports data connection in Active mode. So you not able to get directory listings and transfer files with any FTP server that supports Passive mode only.

FTP Command-Line Tool on Windows


Using FTP Command Tool on Windows

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