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How to use Microsoft Teams Admin Center? I am the administrator of a Microsoft 365 Business Account.



If you are the administrator of your Microsoft 365 Business account, you can follow this tutorial to go to the Teams Admin Center to perform administration tasks related to the Teams service.

1. Sign in to you Microsoft 365 Business Account.

2. Click and open the account menu at the top left corner of the screen. And select "admin". You see the account admin center.

3. Click and open the admin menu below the account menu at the top left corner of the screen. You see a list of admin tools.

4. Select "Show all" to see all admin tools.

5. Select "Teams" under "Admin centers". You see the Microsoft Teams admin center.

If you have trouble to navigate to the Microsoft Teams admin center, you enter URL in the browser directly.

Microsoft Teams admin center provides you the following tools:

  • Teams - Manages user teams.
  • Users - Manages internal users and guests.
  • Teams Devices - Manages devices connected to Teams service.
  • Teams Apps - Manages add-on apps to Teams service.
  • Meetings - Manages settings for meetings, events, and conference bridges.
  • Messaging policies - Manages messaging policies.
  • Voice - Manages phone numbers and calling policies.
  • Locations - Manages sites, offices, etc.
  • Analytics & reports - Generates usage reports.
Microsoft Teams Admin Center Tools
Microsoft Teams Admin Center Tools


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