What Is NAT Router


What Is a NAT (Network Address Translation) Router?

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A NAT (Network Address Translation) Router provides a routing function that allow multiple systems within a LAN to connect to the outside Internet with one external IP address.

Today, almost all homes are using NAT routers to connect multiple devices (laptops and smartphones) with a single external IP address.

In most cases, your NAT router is built into your cable modem, DSL modem or wireless router. This is why you don't see any connection devices labeled as NAT router at your home.

In a NAT environment, all systems behind the NAT router form a Local Area Network (LAN), and each system in the LAN has a local IP address. The NAT router itself has a local IP address as well. In addition, the NAT router also has an external IP address by which it is known to the Internet.

Network Address Translation (NAT) Router
Network Address Translation (NAT) Router


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