Install SAS® University Edition


How to Install SAS® University Edition?



Installing SAS® University Edition is also very simple as shown in this tutorial.

1. Make sure your Oracle VirtualBox Manager is running as shown in the last tutorial.

2. Go to SAS® University Edition Website.

3. Scroll down and click "Windows", "Mac OS X", or "LINUX", to open the download section.

4. Click "Get SAS University Edition" link to start the download process.

5. Login (register youself, if needed) with your SAS account. You see a $0.00 order for the "SAS University Edition" license.

6. Checkout the order. You see file, unvbasicvapp__9411016__ova__en__sp0__1.ova, downloaed. It may take some time, since the file is large.

7. Go back to Oracle VirtualBox Manager. And click "File > Import Appliance". You see a VM (Virtual Machine) file selection screen.

8. Find and select the downloaded file, unvbasicvapp__9411016__ova__en__sp0__1.ova. And finish the import process. You see the "SAS University Edition" VM installed on VirtualBox.

SAS University Edition - VM
SAS University Edition - VM


Start SAS® University Edition

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