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How to Use SAS® University Edition?



If you have SAS® University Edition VM (Virtual Machine) started and running on the VirtualBox, its functionalities are provided through a Web portal. You use use them with a Web browser as shown in this tutorial.

1. Make sure your SAS® University Edition VM started and running as shown in the last tutorial.

2. Start a Web brower on the same computer as the VirtualBox and go to "http://localhost:10080". You see the "SAS® University Edition: Information Center" Web portal.

3. Click "Start SAS Studio" link to use SAS Studio. You see the "SAS Studio" Web page displayed.

4. Enter the following "Hello World" SAS code:

data _null_;
    put "Hello World!";

5. Click the "Run" icon, You see the "Hello World!" message printed in the log file.

SAS University Edition - SAS Studio
SAS University Edition - SAS Studio


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