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How to Start SAS® University Edition?



Once SAS® University Edition is installed on the VirtualBox as a VM (Virtual Machine), you can start it or stop it as shown in this tutorial.

1. Make sure your Oracle VirtualBox Manager is running as shown in the last tutorial.

2. Select the "SAS University Edition" VM from the VM list on the left.

3. Click "Start" to turn on the VM.

4. Wait for the VM console screen to show up. It might take a few minutes for the VM to be fully started.

5. Read the instructionson the console screen.

Welcome to your SAS University Edition Virtual Application

You can connect to your SAS University Edition software
by entering this address in your browser:

Do not close this window until you are finished using SAS Studio.
Closing this window will disconnect you from your virtual machine session.
You can minimize this window.

6. Review functionalities provided on this console screen by those menu items and command icons.

SAS University Edition - Console Screen
SAS University Edition - Console Screen


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