Westell A90-750015 Modem Wireless Settings


How to turn on the Wireless service Westell A90-750015 Modem? I also want to change the wireless access password.

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To turn on or turn off the wireless service on the Westell A90-750015 Modem, or change the wireless access password, you can follow these steps:

1. Connect your laptop to the modem using an Ethernet cable.

2. Open a Web browser and go to "", and login with the administrator user name and password. If this your first time login, use the default user name (admin) and password (password).

3. Click on the "Wireless Settings" tab. Then select the "Basic Security Settings" in the menu on the left side.

4. Review all fields and make changes as needed.

Basic Security Settings 
   If you want to setup a wireless network, we recommend that you do 
   the following:

1. Turn Wireless ON
   Wireless: On
2. Change the SSID setting to any name or code you want.
   (SSID is the same thing as the name of your Wireless Network.)
   SSID: HyHomeWireless
3. Channel
   To change the channel of the frequency band at which the Router 
   communicates, please select it below ('Auto' scans channels 1, 
   6 & 11 and picks the cleanest channel). Then click apply to save 
   your settings.

   Channel: 6

4. Turn WEP On
   (We recommend using WEP because it encrypts your wireless traffic.)
   WEP: On
5. Select a WEP Key
   Note:To create a 64-bit WEP Key, you need to enter a combination of 
   10 digits. You can choose any letter from A-F, a-f or any number 
   from 0-9. 

6. Turn Frameburst Mode ON
   Frameburst Mode: On
7. Write down wireless settings.
   In order for every computer to connect to this Router wirelessly, 
   you need to make sure that the wireless setup for each computer uses 
   the SAME settings listed below. Please make sure that you write down 
   all of the values set on this screen.

5. Click "Apply" to save changes.

The most important thing is to turn on the wireless service, turn WEP to protect the wireless access, and remember the SSID and the key code.

Westell A90 Modem Wireless Settings

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