1712 Manx - Hunt the Wren


Hunt the Wren is a traditional custom carried out on the Isle of Man on the 26 December, St. Stephen's Day. It consists of groups of people going around villages and towns singing and dancing a traditional song and dance around a decorated wren pole.

The practice of Hunt the Wren was first noted in the 1720s, when it was remarked as having been practiced since 'time immemorial.'

Hunt the Wren (song) - The Mollag Band:

English lyrics:

We'll away to the woods, says Robin the Bobbin,
 We'll away to the woods, says Richard the Robbin;
 We'll away to the woods, says jack of the Land.
 We'll away to the woods, says every one.

What shall we do there? 
 We'll hunt the wren. 
 Where is he? where is he? 
 In yonder green bush. 
 I see him, I see him. 
 How shall we get him down? 
 With sticks and stones. 
 He's dead, he's dead. 
 How'll we get him home? 
 We'll hire a cart. 
 Whose cart shall we hire? 
 Johnny Bill Fell's. 
 Who will stand driver? 
 Filley the Tweet. 
 He's home, he's home. 
 How shall we get him boiled? 
 In the brewery pan. 
 Who'll dine at dinner? 
 The king and the queen. 
 How shall we get him eaten? 
 With knives and forks. 
 He is eat, he is eat. 
 The eyes for the blind. 
 The legs for the lame. 
 The pluck for the poor. 
 The bones for the dogs.
The wren, the wren, the king of all birds,
 We've caught, St. Stephen's Day, in the furze;
 Although he is little, his family is great,
 I pray you, good dame, do give us a treat.


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