1798 Wales - Hela'r 'Sgyvarnog (Hunting the Hare)


The "Hunting the Hare" was also known in Wales by the name 'Helar's Ysgfarnog'". In the United States it appears in several MS collection of around 1800.

Hunting the Hare - Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts (1995):

English lyrics:

Well, all the yelping of hounds a skelping
Along the cover and out through the back
Oh the galloping, oh the walloping, oh the cry of the Galaway Jack
Off like a feather, he floats o'er the heather
And Blackberry calls him a tune in his track
There's Spot and Spider and Beauty beside her
Then Red Rake and the rest of the pack

Well, now they're losing him, now they're finding him
Now they're winding him round by the stack
Hark the hunt, to the hind we follow, and whoop and holler and for'ard and back
Sure there's none brisker who faint cocked a whisker
Nor bustles more brisker than yonder old jack
One more double across the stubble
And he's in trouble and tossed by the pack

Then Brayer and Stayer are away to the stable
With jovial huntsmen the table attack
It's meat we're munching and oats they're crunching
As bales are emptied and bottles are cracked
Here's to the master none fairer, none faster
To steady the ready and screw up the slack
Here's to the hunt with your glasses a jingle
With joy come mingle and here's to the pack


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