Best Font Families for Web Pages


What is the best font families to use in Web pages?


The best font families to use in your Websites are:
  • style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif;" for regular text paragraphs. sans-serif is specified as the fallback option.
  • style="font-family: monospace;" for computer source codes.

Here is how the above font family settings look like comparing to some other commonly used font families:

  • Arial, sans-serif: abcdACBD1234
  • monospace: abcdACBD1234
  • sans-serif: abcdACBD1234
  • Helvetica: abcdACBD1234
  • Arial: abcdACBD1234
  • Geneva: abcdACBD1234
  • Verdana: abcdACBD1234
  • Tahoma: abcdACBD1234
  • serif: abcdACBD1234
  • Georgia: abcdACBD1234
  • Times New Roman: abcdACBD1234
  • monospace: abcdACBD1234
  • Courier: abcdACBD1234
  • Courier New: abcdACBD1234

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