Manage Skype Account Information


How to manage my Skype account information? I have signed in to account in a Web browser.



After you have signed in to your account in a Web browser, you manage your account information in the following areas.

  • Get more from Skype with a Premium account - Upgrade your account to Premium.
  • Add Skype Credit - Transfer more money to Skype with your credit card or PayPal.
  • Add subscription - Sign up for a subscription for unlimited calls with a flat monthly payment.
  • Change password - Change your Skype password, which will impact your devices that are connected to Skype.
  • Profile - View and change your profile information, including contact information.
  • Account settings - View and change account settings like Microsoft account linking
  • Billing & payments - View past invoices and payments.
  • Manage features - View and change Skype features like Caller ID, Call forwarding, Skype Number, Skype To Go, Voice Messages, etc.
  • View usage history - See the history of incoming and outgoing calls.

The picture below shows you how to Manage Skype Account Information:
Manage Skype Account Information


Using Skype Phone and Devices

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Using Skype with Web Browser

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