Microsoft HTML Help Files Generated by FrameMaker


What are Microsoft HTML Help files generated by FrameMaker for my FrameMaker book? I have just used the "Microsoft HTML Help" publish function to generate them.



If you generated Microsoft HTML Help files using the "Responsive HTML5" function, you can follow this tutorial to review them.

1. Open Windows Explorer and go the folder where the Microsoft HTML Help files are saved: You see the list of files and sub-folders generated by FrameMaker:

\fyicenter\FrameMaker\FM-Book-Example\Microsoft HTML Help
|- FM-Book-Example.chm

As you can see, "Microsoft HTML Help" publish function generates only one file: FM-Book-Example.chm

2. Double-click on FM-Book-Example.chm to open it. You see your book displayed in Microsoft Help format:
View FrameMaker Book as Microsoft HTML Help


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