Cookie File Location for Mozilla Firefox 2.0


Where does Mozilla Firefox 2 store cookie files on my computer?



Some cookies are stored to your computer hard disk permanently as cookie files by Mozilla Firefox. If you want to know where Mozilla Firefox 2 stores the cookie file, you can follow this tutorial.

1. Open File Explorer, and go to your Windows user directory: C:\Documents and Settings\"username". Remember to replace "username" with your real user name.

2. Then go to Mozilla Firefox profile subdirectory: .\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles.

3. Then go to the default subdirectory: \xby7vgys.default. You will see that Mozilla Firefox stores all working files here.

4. Open file cookies.txt. You will see all cookies are stored in this file like:

# HTTP Cookie File
# This is a generated file!  Do not edit.
# To delete cookies, use the Cookie Manager.   TRUE / FALSE 1481678697 VISITOR_INFO1_LIV...   TRUE / FALSE 1166491497 GEO 5d7eaef99d9bf...   TRUE / FALSE 1182086652 __utmz 102911388....   TRUE / FALSE 2145801581 NGUserID a28250e-...   TRUE / FALSE 1166320452 __utmb 102911388....   TRUE / FALSE 1166923451 MSCulture IP=24.6...   TRUE / FALSE 2147385600 __utma 102911388....     TRUE / FALSE 2127585581 B 5v5ck7t2o9719&b... TRUE / FALSE 1440000000 FPS dl    TRUE / FALSE 2147368428 PREF ID=24d92c3ec...


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