What Is Yahoo! Calendar


What is Yahoo! Calendar?

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Yahoo Calendar is free calendar service in the cloud provided by Yahoo!. It allows you to edit and access events on your calendar from anywhere with a browser or Yahoo apps on phones. In order to use Yahoo Calendar, you must be a registered Yahoo user.

Yahoo Calendar has the following features:

  • 100 year calendar
  • Various alarm features which allow you to send messages to numerous sources including: mobile devices and Yahoo Messenger.
  • The ability to sync your calendar with those of Palm devices and Microsoft Office Outlook, CalDAV, and some SyncML enabled cellphones
  • Sharing of schedules between users. The mechanism allows several different methods of sharing including publicly sharing your calendar, sharing your calendar with a specific Yahoo Group, and sharing your calendar with a particular Yahoo! user.
  • Automatically read, integrate, and republish public and personal events syndicated from Eventful, Upcoming, Evite, Bookwhen, and other sites.

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