"File not found in lg repositories" Error


Why am I getting the "File not found in lg repositories" error?

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If you try to download a file with Library Genesis API get.php, you may get the "File not found in lg repositories" error.

Since Library Genesis database records so many "files" objects, actual files are stored into multiple repositories. The get.php API can only download files in the lg (LibGen) repository.

For example, if you try to download the file from the first "files" object, you will get the error:

fyicenter$ curl 'https://libgen.lc/json.php?object=f&ids=1' \
  | python -m json.tool | grep md5

        "md5": "d71da203041c872157f4df06db1687e2",

fyicenter$ curl 'https://cdn1.booksdl.org/get.php?md5=d71da203041c872157f4df06db1687e2' 

<h1 style="color:#A00000">Error</h1><p>File not found in lg repositories

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