Account Info in Microsoft Office Tools


How to view my account info in Microsoft Office tools on my local computer. I have a Microsoft 365 account.



If you are running Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, on your local computer, you can follow this tutorial to view your license account info.

1. Start Microsoft Office tool, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your local Windows or Mac computer.

2. Click "Sign in" near the top of the windown to sign in to your Microsoft 365 account.

3. Click your sign name and select "Office Account Info" or click "File > More > Account Info" menu. You see the account info screen, which includes:

User information: 
  Name, email address, ... 

Connected services:
  OneDrive, facebook, LinkedIn, Website, ...

Product information: 
  Subscription Product: Microsoft Office 365
  Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project, ... 
Account Info in Microsoft Office Tools
Account Info in Microsoft Office Tools


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