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How to set up a shared folder with SAS® University Edition?



If you are using SAS Studio Web portal provided by the SAS® University Edition VM (Virtual Machine), you can save source code files and data files on the VM device with no problem.

But the VM device will not be accessible from the VM's parent system.

To solve this problem, you should following this tutorial to setup a shared folder for both SAS® University Edition VM and the parent system.

1. On the parent system, create a "SASUniversityEdition" folder. Then create a sub-folder "myfolders".

2. On the VirtualBox Manager, select the "SAS University Edition" VM from the VM list on the left.

3. Click "Settings". You see the VM Settings screen.

4. Select "Shared Folders" from the left menu. And click the "Add" icon. You see the "Add Share" screen.

5. Select "Other" as the "Shared Folder Path". You see the "Select Folder" window.

6. Select the "SASUniversityEdition > myfolders" sub-folder you have created on the parent system.

7. Enter "/folders/myfolders" as the "Mount Point". This is an important setting and is missing in SAS installation documents. An example of all settings for the shared folder is given below:

Shared Folder Path: C:\SASUniversityEdition\myfolders
Shared Folder Name: Test
Readonly: [ ]
Auto-Mount: [x]
Mount Point: /folders/myfolders
Machine folder: [x]

8. Click "OK" to finish the configuration. You see a shared folder configured as shown in the picture below.

SAS University Edition - Shared Folder
SAS University Edition - Shared Folder

9. Run a SAS code on the AS® University Edition Web portal and save it as

10. On VirtualBox parent system, verify files in the shared folder. You see your SAS code file,, and other files:

C:\> tree /f SASUniversityEdition

    │  |-log
    │  |-share
    │  |-.images
    │  |-autosave
    │  |-preferences
    │  |-snippets
    │  |-state
    │  |-tasks
    │  |-webwork
    │      |-RS2105
    │      |-RS2106
    │      |-RS2107

Note that, if your shared folder is not configured correctly, You will see a warning message on the SAS® University Edition Web portal:

A shared folder named "myfolders" was not found on the virtual
machine. See FAQ for details.


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