Windows Resource Monitor - Disk Reading Speed


How to watch the disk reading speed on Windows Resource Monitor?



You can follow this tutorial to watch disk reading speed on Windows Resource Monitor.

1. Re-run the SQLIO command to perform a disk reading test:

C:\fyicenter\SQLIO>sqlio -LS -kR -b64 -i64 -f64 -t1 -s300

1 thread reading for 300 secs to file testfile.dat
        using 64KB IOs over 4096KB stripes with 64 IOs per run
size of file testfile.dat needs to be: 268435456 bytes
initialization done

2. While the SQLIO is running, search and start "Resource Monitor". You see the overview dashboard.

3. Click the "Disk" tab. You see the disk dashboard. It lists "sqlio" as the top user of disk resource.

Image       PID     Read   Write(B/sec)
-----       ---     ----   ------------
sqlio.exe   8636       0      9,881,041

4. Go back to the SQLIO command window and wait for the test to finish.

throughput metrics:
IOs/sec:   148.90
MBs/sec:     9.30
latency metrics:
Min_Latency(ms): 0
Avg_Latency(ms): 6
Max_Latency(ms): 77

As you can see, the SQLIO result of throughput of 9.30 MBs/sec roughly matches the resource monitor measurement of 9,881,041 B/sec.

Resource Monitor - Disk Reading Speed


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