Download a File with WinSCP


How to download a file with WinSCP Server?



Once you are connected to a FTP server with WinSCP, downloading a file can be done by drag and drop the file from the remote windows to the local window. For example:

1. Start FileZilla FTP client and connect to anonymous FTP server. You see a list of folders showing up in the "Remote site" window.

2. In the "Local site" window, go to a temporary folder like C:\temp.

3. In the "Remote site" window, go to /openoffice/stable/3.3.0 folder. You see a list of OpenOffice files showing up.

4. Drag and drop "OOo_3.3.0_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe" from the "Remote site" window to the "Local site" window. You see a file transfer status screen.

5 Download will start automatically with a transfer progress indicator.
WinSCP - Downloading File from FTP Server


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