Sign in with OneDrive for iPhone


How to sign in to my OneDrive account on my phone? I have OneDrive for iPhone installed now.



You can follow this tutorial to sign in to your OneDrive account on your iPhone.

1. Tap the OneDrive icon on the home screen. You see the sign in screen.

2. Enter your OneDrive account identifier, and tap the right arrow. You see the password screen.

3. Enter your password, and tap "Sign in". You may see an screen, close it.

4. Tap "Stay Basic", when it asks you to upgrade.

5. Tap "No, thanks", when it asks you to receive notifications.

6. Tap "I'll risk it", when it asks you to turn on camera for OneDrive.

>Finally, you see your files from OneDrive cloud storage.

The picture below shows you how to sign in with OneDrive for iPhone to view files stored in Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage:
Sign In with OneDrive for iPhone


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