Master Page of FrameMaker Document


What is a mater page of FrameMaker document?



A master page in FrameMaker specifies the page layout and the background text for document pages (for example, page headers and footers).

FrameMaker uses master pages to keep track of a document’s page layout. A double-sided document contains at least two master pages, one for left pages and one for right pages. A single-sided document uses the right master page only. Documents can also contain custom master pages, which you can use for special types of pages. You can also create layouts directly on body pages for one-time-only use.

If your page layout is complex, or if you need to create design components such as page headers and footers, work with the components directly on the master pages. You can draw or import graphics—such as lines, boxes, or company logos—anywhere on a master page, as well as type text on them. Graphics and text appear on the corresponding body pages exactly as they appear on the master page, as part of the body page’s background.

The picture below shows you a master page on the left and a body page on the right:
FrameMaker Document Master and Body Pages


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