'Send to Bluetooth' Add-in in Outlook 2013


What is "Send to Bluetooth" COM Add-in in Outlook 2013? Should I disable it?

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"Send to Bluetooth" is a COM Add-in module for Outlook 2013 produced by Intel.

"Send to Bluetooth" is supported from the c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\SOCIALCONNECTOR.DLL:

File name: btmoffice.dll
File path: c:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Bluetooth\btmoffice.dll
File size: 194872 bytes
Last modified time: 8/31/2015 9:12:14 AM
File description: Office Bluetooth integration
File version: 17.1.1502.0516
Company name: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

You can disable "Send to Bluetooth" add-in.


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