'McAfee AddIn' COM Add-in in Outlook 2013


What is "McAfee AddIn" COM Add-in in Outlook 2013? Should I disable it?

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"McAfee AddIn" is a COM Add-in module for Outlook 2013 produced by Intel Corporation.

"McAfee AddIn" is supported from the C:\Progra~1\mcafee\msk\mskoladd.dll file:

File name: mskoladd.dll
File path: C:\Program Files\mcafee\msk\mskoladd.dll
File size: 676968 bytes
Last modified time: 10/5/2016 7:50:22 AM
File description: McAfee Anti-Spam Outlook Add-in
File version: 16.0.2068.0
Company name: McAfee, Inc.

You should keep "McAfee AddIn" active to help protecting your computer getting virus from emails.


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