Contents inside XPS File Generated by Word


What files are stored inside a .xps file? According to Microsoft documentation, a .xps file is a ZIP file containing many files. How many files are stored inside a .xps file and what are they?



The number of files stored inside a .xps file depends on the contents of the original document. For example, if the original document contains a picture and an object, unzip the .xps will give you these files:

   <DIR>         docProps
   <DIR>         Documents
              320 FixedDocSeq.fdseq
   <DIR>         Resources
            1,064 [Content_Types].xml
   <DIR>         _rels

              565 core.xml
            3,115 thumbnail.jpeg

   <DIR>         1

              842 FixedDoc.fdoc
   <DIR>         Pages
   <DIR>         Structure
   <DIR>         _rels

           14,292 1.fpage
            9,472 2.fpage
          213,408 3.fpage
            4,378 4.fpage
           38,988 5.fpage
            1,040 6.fpage
   <DIR>         _rels

              608 1.fpage.rels
              746 2.fpage.rels
              932 3.fpage.rels
              608 4.fpage.rels
              770 5.fpage.rels
              446 6.fpage.rels

              766 DocStructure.struct
   <DIR>         Fragments

            2,384 1.frag
            1,710 2.frag
           30,806 3.frag
              982 4.frag
              556 5.frag
              556 6.frag


              287 FixedDoc.fdoc.rels

           93,912 0B9620F0-1ED6-1EAC-D618-050A5F71CE3C.odttf
           53,580 0C257F7E-5CF7-675F-026E-38532738D40B.odttf
          119,312 17666DEC-6A14-1BE7-4B03-3A270D7BE416.odttf
          106,528 4B6F513F-0F78-54C3-1E15-061654358C79.odttf
           87,292 702B3ADC-158D-1AA8-041C-9B54C168BD56.odttf
   <DIR>         Images

           22,807 image_0.jpg

              567 .rels


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