Change Speed or Bandwidth Limit


How to change file transfer speed (bandwidth) limit?



By default, qBittorrent does not set any speed limits on upload files and download files.

You can follow these steps to lower the limits so that you don't use too much bandwidth of your Internet connection.

1. Click the Settings icon or "Tools -> Options" menu. You see the options windows.

2. Click the "Speed" tab. You see speed related options.

3. Change "Global Rate Limits":

Upload: 1000 KiB/s
Download: 1000 KiB/s

4. Change "Alternative Rate Limits":

Upload: 100 KiB/s
Download: 100 KiB/s
[x] Schedule the use of alternative rate limits 
  From: 08:00 To: 20:00 
  When: Weekdays

5. Click "Ok" to save changes.

qBittorrent - Change Speed Limit
qBittorrent - Change Speed Limit

Note that setting to a higher download speed limit does not guarantee you a faster download speed. The actual download speed is impacted by the number of peers who are seeding the Torrent file, and what upload speeds they are providing.

Some Torrent networks may intentionally lower your actual download speed, if you are not uploading files for others to download.


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