INTEL SSDPEKKF256G8L SSD - Maximum Writing Speed


What is maximum writing speed of the Seagate INTEL SSDPEKKF256G8L SSD?



The best way to find out the maximum writing speed of your Seagate INTEL SSDPEKKF256G8L SSD is to run writing tests with a single large block of different block sizes:

sqlio -LS -kR -i1 -f1 -t1 -s300 -p0 ...

If we run SQLIO with above options and different block sizes, we should be able to find the maximum writing speed:

             Throughput   Throughput   Latency
Block Size      MBs/sec      IOs/sec        ms
----------   ----------   ----------   -------
      -b16       300.65     19242.09         0
      -b64       630.65     10090.50         0
     -b256       818.27      3273.11         0
    -b1024       836.14       836.14         0
    -b4096       905.87       226.46         3
   -b16384       877.49        54.84        17
   -b65536       910.41        14.22        69
  -b262144       878.20         3.43       291

As you can see, the maximum writing speed, 910.41 MBs/sec is reached with a block size of "-b65536", or 64 MB. 910.41 MBs/sec is much better regular hard disk. But is still much less the speed of 1315 MBs/s given in the specs by the manufacture


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