PNY Attaché Flash Drive - Maximum Writing Speed


What is maximum writing speed of the PNY Attaché Flash Drive (256 MB capacity)?



The best way to find out the maximum writing speed of your PNY Attaché Flash Drive is to run writing tests with a single large block of different block sizes:

sqlio -LS -kR -i1 -f1 -t1 -s60 -p0 ...

If we run SQLIO with above options and different block sizes, we should be able to find the maximum writing speed:

             Throughput   Throughput   Latency
Block Size      MBs/sec      IOs/sec        ms
----------   ----------   ----------   -------
      -b16         0.25        16.53        60
      -b64         1.02        16.33        60
     -b256         2.79        11.19        88
    -b1024         4.07         4.07       245
    -b4096         4.59         1.14       870
   -b16384         4.73         0.29      3375
   -b65536         4.76         0.07     13428

As you can see, the maximum writing speed, 4.76 MBs/sec is reached with a block size of "-b65536", or 64 MB.

Put together with the maximum reading speed of 4.67 MBs/sec, now we know that speed limit of PNY Attaché Flash Drive is about 4.70 MBs/sec for both reading and writing.


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