Transfer PDF from Windows to iPhone/iPad


How can I transfer PDF books from my Windows computer to my iPhone? I want to read on my iPhone while traveling.

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The quickest way to transfer a single small PDF document is to send it as an email attachment to yourself. Open the email on your iPhone and save it.

But if you have a large PDF document or many of them, you should use iTunes on Windows to transfer them.

1. Make sure that you have iTunes installed on your Windows system.

2. Make sure that you have iBooks installed on your iPhone/iPad.

3. Run iTunes on Windows without connecting to iPhone/iPad.

4. Click "Books" tab in Library view

5. Drag and drop your PDF documents from Windows Explorer to iTunes. Or click "File > Add File to Library..." menu to add PDF documents to iTunes library.

6. Connect iPhone/iPad to the Windows with USB cable.

7. Click the device icon that represents your iPhone/iPad and select "Books".

8. Make "Sync Books" checkbox checked and click the "Sync" button at the bottom right corder. All PDF documents in the iTunes library will be synced to your iPhone/iPad.

9. On your iPhone/iPad, tap iBooks. Your PDF documents should be listed and ready for you to read.

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