Review Installed Add-ons on Mozilla Firefox 50.1


What add-ons are installed in my Mozilla Firefox 50.1? I want to review them.



There 4 types of add-ons that can be installed on your Mozilla Firefox 50.1:


You can view them by typing in "about:addons" in the address box of Firefox browser window.

1. Click "Extensions". You see a list of extensions that are installed on your browser.

2. Click "Appearance". You see the "Default" appearance and other themes.

2. Click "Plugins". You see a list of plugins that are installed on your browser. Review each of them. Set the ones that are not using to "Never Activate". And set other ones to "Ask to Activate". Don't set to "Always Activate", since plugins may have high security risks.

The picture below shows the list of installed plugins:
Mozilla Firefox 50.1 - Installed Add-ons.


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