File Types Opened by PowerPoint 2013


What are file types can PowerPoint 2013 open as presentations?



PowerPoint 2013 can open multiple types of files as PowerPoint presentations.

Click "File > Open" menu, select a folder, then open file type dropdown list. You will see the full list of files types (formats) that PowerPoint 2013 can open from:

  • All PowerPoint Presentations (*.pptx;*.ppt;*.pptm;*.ppsx;*.pps;*.ppsm;*potx;*.pot).
  • Presentations and Shows (*.pptx;*.ppt;*.pptm;*.ppsx;*.pps;*.ppsm).
  • PowerPoint XML Presentations (*.xml).
  • PowerPoint Templates (*.potx;*.pot;*.potm).
  • All Web Pages (*.htm;*.html;*.mht;*mhtml).
  • Office Themes (*.thmx).
  • All Outlines (*.txt;*.rtf;*.wps;*.docx;*.docm;*.doc;*.wpd).
  • PowerPoint Add-Ins (*.ppam;*.ppa).
  • OpenDocument Presentations (*odp).

Open File Types Supported by PowerPoint 2013


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